The False Prince Booktalk

  • Grades: 6–8

The Land of Carthya is on the brink of civil war. Dissenting factions are forming and the throne will soon be challenged. But for Sage, a young pickpocket who has been bouncing from orphanage to orphanage, always on the run from trouble, the king’s problems are not his problems. That is, until one day when a strange nobleman named Conner takes Sage away from his life on the streets.

Sage finds himself unwillingly entered into a challenge with three other orphans. To ensure order over the Land of Carthya, one of them must pretend to be the prince son of King Eckbert. The orphans are pit against each other to learn how to be royalty, and are lead by Conner into a tangled path of incredible lies and shocking truths. To the winner goes an unimaginable prize — the promise of being the heir to the throne of Carthya. But for the losers something considerably worse...

Only one can walk away victorious. Sage must chose: reluctantly play Conner's game and become a prince or find a way to escape death.

  • Subjects:
    Determination and Perseverance, Survival