Extron Classroom A/V Networking System

Winner: 2007 - Most Innovative Commercial Systems Installation Accessory, Systems Contractor News magazine

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Best for: K-12 classrooms; CTOs, tech directors, curriculum directors,
media specialists/AV directors, principals, and teachers

Extron PoleVault Systems are easy-to-use, network-enabled, all inclusive packages, making them ideal for single-projector K-12 classrooms.


The new Central Middle School in Columbus, Indiana was designed to provide a 21st century learning environment for its students. Before opening its doors in the fall of 2007, Mike Jamerson, the school’s Director of Technology, considered the challenges of providing classroom technology that was easy to use and maintain. A/V technology at the old campus was difficult to operate and in-room connectivity consisted of little more than a power outlet. In addition, setting up equipment was cumbersome and displaying information among a group of students was difficult.

“We wanted a complete system that was easy to use, could be supported with a small staff, and would allow us to monitor usage and save energy,” Jamerson says. To address these issues, the school contacted Dale Gayman, President of CIM Audio Visual, a Columbus, Indiana A/V system integrator. “We met the Extron Education Team in early 2007,” Gayman says. “We wholeheartedly agreed with their vision of how classrooms should operate and I recommended that Mike Jamerson consider installing Extron’s PoleVault System at Central Middle School.

Extron’s PoleVault System is an easy-to-use, network-enabled, all-inclusive A/V system that is ideal for single-projector, K-12 classrooms. Each system contains all the necessary hardware for a complete A/V solution and includes free software to remotely manage and control the system from a web browser. PoleVault Systems offer the education market unique, enhanced features that make using technology easy and more affordable.

With these benefits in mind, the school installed 46 Extron PoleVault Systems at the new campus. Inside the two-level, 171,000 square foot campus, each classroom contains a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, screen, speakers, a PC with Internet connectivity, and a DVD/VCR, which also serves as a cable TV receiver. All components are mounted, connected, and controlled through a two-input PoleVault System. PoleVault Systems are also used in the band and choir rooms, and in a large, multi-purpose auditorium containing a 5,000 lumen projector with two computers and a DVD/VCR.

Teachers and administrators alike agree that PoleVault Systems have made a dramatic impact on instructional planning, everyday teaching, and student achievement. Randy Gratz, Central Middle School Principal, notes some surprising statistics that he links directly to the new PoleVault Systems. “Taking a look at our end of semester assessments, it’s clear that students are more engaged and even attendance is up compared to the last year at the old school,” he says. “I think that has a lot to do with how our teachers are using the classroom technology. It’s across the board, too. Even teachers with 30 or more years of experience have embraced the technology with impressive results.”

Ease of installation, user-friendliness, and a design that allows for the integration of projectors and source equipment from any manufacturer, gave decision makers confidence that Extron’s PoleVault Systems would meet or exceed the requirements for classroom technology at the Central Middle School campus. Administrators, teachers, and students alike agree that PoleVault Systems have made technology an irreplaceable part of life in the classroom.