End of the Day: “Student Excuses"

From hungry pets, and siblings, to a run-in with
the law, your students’ wildest excuses for missing assignments.

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Baby Food
“My baby brother tried eating my homework.” Signed by the mom.
—Shabana J.

Tables Turned
I’ve had to tell students that my dog ate their homework!
—Stefania H.

“I am allergic to pencils.”
—Andrea J.

Hungry, Hungry Horses
“I left it in the back of our truck and my horse ate it.” We’re in a rural farm and ranch community, so true story!
—Robin M.

The A+ Sweet Talker
“I didn’t get my homework done because I attended a rally for higher teacher pay.” Yes, he got excused.
—Laurie F.

Ask Mom
“My mom said I didn’t have to do it.”
—Marlee H.

Suds Up
“I had to do the dishes from the time I got home until I went to bed. I didn’t have time to do my homework!” When I asked his mom, well, you can guess her reaction! He hasn’t handed in an assignment late since.
—Cherity J.

Debate Team
“School isn’t for sleeping, and home isn’t for schoolwork!”
—Alicia L.

Locked out
I got a note from a mom saying her daughter had left her backpack in the trunk of the car, and the keys for the car accidentally went to Afghanistan with her dad.
—Meenal P.

The Future Lawyer
Once a student said, “I couldn’t do my homework because we went to Mexico, and it is illegal to do American homework in Mexico, so the police took it.”
—Gina T. S.

Tech Support
“I saved everything, but my computer deleted it even though it was turned off last night.”
—Kari C.

Greener Grasses
“I would’ve done it. I just found something more fun to do at home.”
—Andrea Q.

Taking a Cue from Katniss
“I accidentally set it on fire. Here, I brought you all the pieces.”
—Amanda F. 


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