Elfiq Networks Internet Link Balancers

Elfiq Link Balancers enable the use of multiple concurrent ISP links for increased throughput, uptime and cost reduction.

Contact: Elfiq Networks
888-GO-ELFIQ / 514-667-0611

Category: Hardware

Subcategory: Networking

Type of product: ISP link balancer

Pricing: Elfiq products begin at US$2495

Best for: Internet access management for school, districts or schoolboards


Elfiq Networks’ Link Balancer products enable the use of multiple ISP or private WAN links to maximize bandwidth management and throughput. The Elfiq products integrate into the existing WAN network infrastructure between the ISP links and the firewall/gateway device seamlessly due to its Layer-2 approach.

Elfiq’s approach enables the following enhancements to existing networks:
- Addition of multiple ISP links for increased bandwidth throughput
- Use of multiple ISP technologies for maximum uptime, such as T1s, DS3’s, DSL, cable modems and much more
- Traffic segmentation to allocate traffic types on a per link basis
- Quality of service (QoS) to ensure users or applications have the required amount of bandwidth
- VoIP traffic uptime and balancing
- Reporting to review the usage of each ISP provider
- Remove the requirement for BGP in most environments

Elfiq’s approach enables the use of low-cost ISP links as well, so organizations can add more bandwidth inexpensively or reduce the telecom operational costs by replacing more expensive links like T1s by cable modems.


Western Dubuque County Community School District (WDCCSD), like the majority of school districts, uses the Internet to deliver content and electronic services to enhance the curriculum offered to students. With the explosion of online services used by students and staff, more bandwidth was needed to meet growing needs.

For the bandwidth expansion project, WDCCSD needed a tool which would meet their infrastructure needs without the need for re-architecture of their network, would meet budgetary guidelines and would obtain guidance for a proof of concept deployment.
Another requirement was to work with an organization which has experience supporting environments similar to WDCCSD’s.

What were the results of your product in the situation?

With the Elfiq Link Balancer in place, the school district’s Internet access has been enhanced for performance and resilience, so should one of the two ISP links fail the other one will proactively be used for all traffic until the unavailable one is restored.

Through Elfiq’s seamless integration, no modifications to the existing network were required, thus minimizing downtime and installation preparation and ensuring a completely transparent operation for all services.

This process was achieved under budget, since the Elfiq unit is competitively priced and Elfiq’s professional services are able to deploy turnkey solutions remotely.

Future bandwidth requirements will be met because the LB-1100E can support an additional two ISP links. The Elfiq unit has proved to be a great investment which will pay for itself in a very short period of time.

What were the educators’ reactions?

“The Elfiq Link Balancer was one of the most cost effective and beneficial units to meet the unique needs of our school district. From the pre-sales to the post-sales experience, we could not be more ecstatic with the service and product support we have received. Elfiq devices work exactly as advertised, right out of the box; this is the true meaning of ‘plug and play.’”

Coby E. Culbertson
Director of Technology
Western Dubuque County Community School District