Elements of Differentiation: Bloom's Taxonomy

  • Grades: PreK–K

This worksheet is excerpted from The Scholastic Differentiated Instruction Plan Book by Cindy Middendorf.

Understanding Bloom’s Taxonomy (Bloom, 1956) will help you focus on moving all students toward higher levels of thinking, processing, and questioning. Initial instruction should focus on knowledge and comprehension. As students become competent with basic skills, our goal is to move students to more complex tasks (those that require thinking at higher levels), instead of simply more difficult tasks (those that require more time, skills, or knowledge).

Levels of Thinking Processing Skills Assessments/Products
(I know.)
I remember.
I know.
I recall.
I define.
Make a list, label a picture, fill in the blanks, match, write an article, recite, do a timeline.
(I understand.)
I reword or retell.
I summarize.
I explain.
I paraphrase.
Cut out or draw pictures to illustrate a concept, role-play, retell, give examples, write a summary as a newsreport.
(I use what I know.)
I research.
I demonstrate how.
I solve a problem.
I perform.
Construct a model or diorama, write headlines, teach a lesson, design a brochure, give a demonstration.
(I breakdown information.)
I compare and contrast.
I note relationships.
I reason that....
I categorize.
Write a commercial, design a questionnaire, make a compare/contrast chart, create a flowchart.
(I form and support opinions.)
I justify.
I recommend.
I predict.
I critique.
Write a rubric, conduct a debate, compose persuasive arguments, give recommendations.
(I use knowledge and skills to create somethingnew.)
I plan.
I infer.
I propose.
I invent.
Design a structure, create an invention, draw a cartoon, devise an experiment, write a song, poem, or story.


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