Educational Leadership Videos


Leaders step up to challenges, they’re not afraid to take risks, and not afraid to fail or admit failure. Leaders have charisma, character, and confidence. Prominent leaders and teacher scholars in the field discuss the research and most important policy issues facing our educators today.

Ted Hasselbring Fact Fluency: The Phonics of Mathematics
In introducing the FASTT Math System, Dr. Ted Hasselbring describes the shortcomings of drills that only address fact fluency.

Pedro NogueraPedro Noguera: How Recent National Changes Impact Our Schools
The Steinhardt Professor of Teaching and Learning emphasizes the importance of education from a social welfare perspective amidst the onset of a minority-majority nation.

Willard DaggetWillard Daggett: How Students Are Wired to Learn Today
The President of the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) states that central to education today is the importance of rigor, relevance, and relationships.

Alberto CarvalhoAlberto Carvahlo: How Recent National Changes Impact Efforts to Raise Student Performance
The Associate Superintendent of Miami-Dade Public Schools states that the country's inability to educate is a "will-set" problem, not a skill-set problem.