DeepNines iTrust for Education

DeepNines iTrust provides content filtering, security and control for over 10,000 students and faculty at Clarkston Community Schools.

DeepNines Technologies

Ann Baty

hardware/software, network security; content filtering

Specific type of product: network security; content filtering

Pricing is based on bandwidth
and is available upon request by emailing

Best for: CIO/CSO, network administrators, directors of technology

DeepNines iTrust for Education is the only solution designed specifically to control, secure and manage online content and applications in a K12 education environment. Online content has evolved dramatically in recent years, traditional content filters have been rendered ineffective by the emergence of new and more complex types of online content and applications.

Hundreds of Web proxy variations exist, and only the proprietary technology in DeepNines' iTrust can block them all.

iTrust ensures that all Internet traffic is effectively and accurately filtered, including complex content such as peer-to-peer downloads, online chat, streaming video and more. DeepNines’ iTrust patented technology offers schools a robust, comprehensive solution that eliminates Web proxies and enforces policy for all online content and applications.

Case Study:

Clarkston Community Schools serves approximately 10,000 students and faculty in the eastern Michigan town of Clarkston. Clarkston had deployed content filtering solutions from two different vendors in an attempt control students’ Internet access at school. Despite these deployments, Clarkston was still struggling with students’ accessing web proxies to get to inappropriate content during the school hours. In addition, Clarkston could not integrate their solutions with user group policies making it impossible to assign different Internet privileges to students, teachers and administrators.

Clarkston also struggled with the management of its solutions, and had a difficult time customizing them to fit the district’s needs. Clarkston began to look for a solution to replace their current content filters that would deliver comprehensive Internet security, enforce their acceptable use policies (AUPs) and ensure their students’ safety while online at school.

While evaluating possible solutions, Clarkston participated in the DeepNines Internet Content Audit (ICA) program, a week-long network audit that provided them with complete visibility into their network and demonstrated to what extent students were bypassing their current filtering solutions. Upon completion of the ICA program, Clarkston received an all-inclusive report with details on their network traffic. In addition to rampant web proxy use, a variety of other content they had previously believed to be blocked was getting by existing filters. Students were regularly accessing peer-to-peer programs, downloading spyware onto school computers, logging onto social networking sites, using chat programs and playing games online.

The DeepNines Technical Services Organization (TSO) took time to understand Clarkston and their network, and then helped them develop and implement policies that were right for them. DeepNines engineers ensured that only acceptable, approved content was available on the network and that everything else was blocked. And with DeepNines bandwidth management, Clarkston was able to prioritize content and applications that were important to their educational system such as online testing and streaming educational video. With a small network staff, it was important to Clarkston to have a product that they could “set and forget” and a vendor who would support them through setup, install and any other issues that arose, and DeepNines met that challenge.

Educator's reactions?

a. "Working with DeepNines is fast and easy because they understand my issues and take time to help me through them," said Jason Hovanec, network technician
b. “The DeepNines experience was smooth and is something that I would do all over again. The system is performing beyond my expectations. The customer and technical support are some of the best I’ve ever seen," said Matt McCarty, executive director of technology
c. "DeepNines was able to scan and block content that other systems can’t even recognize," said Jason Hovanec, network technician.
d. Mr. Hovanec estimates that he spends at least 35% less administration time on this system than he did on his previous one, freeing up his time to focus on the district’s other technology issues.