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December Author Birthdays

Celebrate your favorite author's birthday this month!

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

December Author Birthdays At a Glance

Jan Brett 12/1

Andrea Alban Gosline 12/5

Cornelia Funke 12/10

E. B. Lewis 12/16

Marilyn Sachs 12/18

Eve Bunting 12/19

Avi 12/23

Molly Bang 12/29

December 1: Jan Brett

Author Study

Interview Transcript

Hedgie’s Surprise Lesson Plan Grades PreK-3


December 5: Andrea Alban Gosline

January’s Child Grades PreK-3


December 10: Cornelia Funke

November's Author of the Month

Inkheart Discussion Guide

Inkheart Booktalk

Inkspell Booktalk

Inkdeath Booktalk

Author Read-Aloud from Inkdeath

Discussion Guide for the Ink World Trilogy

Interview Transcript

Inkheart Unit Plan Grades 4-8


December 16: E.B. Lewis

Video Interview

Coming On Home Soon Grades 3-7

Talkin’ About Bessie Grades K-4


December 18: Marilyn Sachs

Call Me Ruth Grades 4-6


December 19: Eve Bunting

Author Study

Interview Transcript

Flower Garden Extension Activities

Teaching Sentence Fluency Using Whales Passing Grade 1

Summer of Riley Lesson Plan Grades 4-7


December 23: Avi

Interview Transcript

Author Visit Kit

Avi Author Study Lesson Plan

Ereth’s Birthday Lesson Plan Grades 4-7

The Good Dog Lesson Plan Grades 4-7

The Secret School Discussion Guide Grades 4-7

Perloo the Bold Discussion Guide Grades 3-5


December 29: Molly Bang

Common Ground Grades 1-6

When Sophie Gets Angry. . .Really Really Angry Grades PreK-2

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