Crafts: "Stained-Glass" Mobile

Teach a lesson on the science of melting in this fun project.

By Jim Noonan
  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

Here's a great way to use up old crayons—and create a beautiful classroom decoration.

Watch Jim Noonan's video demonstration...


What you’ll need:
Pencil sharpener
Waxed paper
Craft paper or paper grocery bag
Iron and ironing board
Card stock
Hole punch
Floss or thread
Hanger or dowel

1  Remove paper from crayons and use pencil sharpener to create shavings. Mix colors in the same family to create a mottled effect. Cut two pieces of 12-inch-square waxed paper.

2  Place a piece of craft paper on ironing board to protect surface (adults only, near the iron). Then, lay a piece of waxed paper over craft paper and sprinkle shavings onto it evenly. Cover with the other piece of waxed paper and then a final piece of craft paper.

3  On medium heat, iron over craft paper, checking to see that shavings are melting evenly. Once shavings have melted and desired color/texture of “stained glass” is achieved, set aside to cool.

4  Create templates in various shapes (star, diamond, etc.) out of card stock. Trace shapes onto sheet of “stained glass.”

5  With scissors, cut out shapes, and use hole punch to create a hole on the top of each shape.

6  Tie thread through hole in each shape and tie other end to hanger or dowel to create mobile.


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