Crafts: Clifford's Party Hats

A birthday hat with a big, red twist.

By Jim Noonan
  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

On February 14, Clifford the Big Red Dog™ will celebrate his birthday! Join in the fun by creating these festive party hats with your class. Just download the templates, print, and create.

Watch Jim Noonan's video demonstration...


What you'll need:
Heavyweight paper or cardstock (red, white, black)
Clifford's Party Hats Template PDF
Black Sharpie marker
Double-sided tape or glue stick
Stapler and staples
Large rubber band

1 Set compass at 6" and draw half-circle on large sheet of red paper. Cut out half-circle. Download, print, and cut out templates.

2 Trace eyes onto white paper. Cut out, then draw in details with Sharpie. Trace nose and hair on black paper and cut out. Repeat with ears.

3 Position half-circle with round edge facing you. Attach eyes to center of half-circle near top edge. Attach nose and ears. Draw mouth with Sharpie. Attach hair in center of top edge on back.

4 Curl corners of half-circle under, bring edges together, and secure in back with staples. Cut rubber band in half and secure with staples to make chin band.


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