Classroom Management Videos

  • Grades: 3–5, 6–8

Educators provide strategies for effective classroom management styles, proactive approaches to discipline, lesson plans, and their best advice for developing successful relationships with students. Tour fellow teachers' classrooms to see how they arrange their space and set up routines to ensure smooth transitions and orderly procedures.

ReadAbout: Improving Nonfiction Reading Comprehension (3–8) Active Participation Routines: Think-Pair-Share
Watch a teacher hold students accountable during a discussion about content-area topics.


Carol Fuhler and Maria Walther Carol J. Fuhler and Maria P. Walther: Advice for New Teachers
Flexibility, advice from mentors, and group planning yield successful beginnings in teaching.

Arriving in the Morning Classroom Routines for Arriving in the Morning
As children start trickling into the classroom, they need to know exactly what to do so that they can get straight into learning.


Taking Attendance and Displaying Schedules Taking Attendance and Displaying Schedules
After the bustle of putting away book bags, coats, and homework, taking attendance and discussing the schedule can help bring students together and build community in the classroom.

Throughout the Day Throughout the Day
The teachers in this section share some clever ideas for signaling transition times and keeping track of students as they leave the classroom for various reasons during the day.

Ending The Day Ending the Day
An end-of-the-day routine helps get children and the classroom ready for the next day. You may want to enlist some children’s help in tidying up the classroom while others gather their belongings, including homework.

Ruth Culham Ruth Culham: What Advice Would You Give to Teachers?
Culham encourages teachers to maintain perspective -- and their sense of humor.

Jim BurkeJim Burke Discusses Topics From the Teacher's Essential Guide
Burke describes the effectiveness of the content and format of his new Teacher's Essential Guide series.



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