Capitalization Exercises

Capitalization exercises for use on your interactive whiteboard excerpted from 5-Minute Proofreading Practice (Grades 4–8) by Jill Safro

Whether you and your students are already adept at using an interactive whiteboard or are new to the technology, these 26 exercises are straightforward and easy to use.

To get the most out of a whole-class activity, model one of the exercises, then have students complete one or more as a group, and follow up by distributing a reproducible version of a similar exercise.

Proofreading Exercise in Capitalization
Image of Capitalization Exercise

Students can use the pen tool to correct mistakes, or drag individual proofreading symbols to make corrections. Once satisfied that all mistakes have been corrected, students simply choose the select tool to click on the star icon toward the bottom of the slide and drag it across the screen to place it in its matching outline to reveal the answer.

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5-Minute Proofreading Practice: Capitalization

NOTE: if you don’t already have Notebook Interactive Viewer, you can access a free version of the SMART Notebook Express software with SMART Notebook Express.

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