• Grades: 3–5, 6–8

Getting to the rock art sites requires teamwork.


Earthwatch team members work together photographing and sketching rock-art details.

Teamwork is very important in all Earthwatch investigations. But on Sally Cole's teams just getting to the field site is a challenging "team" effort, with team members helping push and pull each other up steep rocks and cliffs.

At the research field site, Sally Cole divides Earthwatch team members into "crews" of two to five people, each crew led by a staff member.

The "mapping" crew creates a detailed map. The map shows the relationships of archaeological features such as rock art to natural features including cliff faces, slopes, boulders, or rock climbers' routes. Crew members take turns reading the compass, measuring distances between features, and recording the data on a map.

The "photography" crew uses cameras to take both black and white and color photographs.

The "illustration" crew documents the rock art through drawing precise representations on paper. Their drawings include notes on the color and condition of the rock art, technique the way the images were made and any other features like graffiti or markings from climbing gear.

  • Subjects:
    Cooperation and Teamwork, Archaeology, Scientists and Human Endeavor