Book Review: Warp Speed

Lisa Yee's latest takes a new look at bullies

  • Grades: 3–5, 6–8

Warp Speed
By Lisa Yee
Publisher/Release Date: Arthur A. Levine Books/March 1, 2011
Recommended Ages: 9-12

Get ready to be beamed up into the perfect book. Warp Speed, Lisa Yee's latest, is about a boy named Marley Sandelski, a self-described Star Trek geek and unpopular middle school student who feels invisible.

That's the word Marley uses in his captain's log to describe himself for that year of school. Marley is so wrapped up in Star Trek trivia, he uses the TV series as a way to define and organize his thoughts and his life.

Marley is often the target of bullies, who beat him for his homework and test answers. His closest and only friends, Max and Ramen, give him support and advice on how to deal with his problems. He often turns to his favorite Star Trek characters to imagine how they would handle the same situation.

As he tries to run from his troubles, Marley learns that he can literally really run—fast. He also realizes that bullies are troubled too as he discovers the secrets of his biggest tormentor.

Warp Speed is an action-packed adventure with some definite comedy mixed in it. It's a story that tells what it's like to be different and the hardships that go along with that. It is also a story that will touch readers and inspire them with the message that life, even in middle school, is not about popularity, but about having quality friends and family.

By the end of the semester, Marley has a new word for his captain's log. You'll have to read Warp Speed to find it out.

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