Book Review: InkDeath by Cornelia Funke

  • Grades: 3–5, 6–8

When you finish reading a book, you put it down and think that the journey of the story the author has created has come to an end. But what if you had the power to make every word that you read come to life right before your very eyes? This idea comes to fruition in a series by an amazing and imaginative writer Cornelia Funke. It begins with InkHeart and continues in InkSpell. InkDeath is the final book in the series, and it brings the journey to an electrifying end.

In InkDeath, Fenoglio's words take control of Mo and he becomes the Bluejay. The Bluejay makes Mo feel like he is invincible and it blinds him from seeing the danger that lies ahead with the Adderhead. Resa is beginning to feel like she is losing Mo to a bunch of words. Can she stop it before it is too late? Meggie is growing as a person and is learning that life is only going to get harder the longer that she, Resa, and Mo stay in the Inkworld. Meggie reads Orpheus into the Inkworld to bring back Dustfinger, but Orpheus has his own plans for the Inkworld, including making Farid work as his servant 24/7, reading treasure unicorns for the Milksop to hunt, and reading blue fairies into the Inkworld and making it his own. Each day, the Adderhead grows weaker and more pain comes into his body, making his heartbeat slower and slower, nearly leading to his death. Soon, the white women will come for him and for the rest of soldiers that the "fearless Bluejay" kills.

Even though Capricorn dies in InkHeart, that doesn't mean that Mortola doesn't want revenge on Mo and his daughter, Meggie.  The Black Prince once again comes to rescue the day, and before you know it the Black Prince's life might also be gone. He could die protecting the ones that he has he loved and taken care of for so long. With Dustfinger gone, Roxanne is losing herself, and now most of all she needs to be able to stay strong! Elinor is getting awfully tired of just waiting for Mo, Resa, and Meggie, so she persuades Darius to read her and him into the Inkworld to seek out Mo, his wife, and his daughter. But what Elinor doesn't know is that the wonderful Inkworld that she has heard and read about that has stolen her family away isn't exactly the peaceful world it might seem. It is getting more and more dangerous for everyone to stay inside a book. Can Meggie, Mo, and Resa handle a bundle of danger, or will it be too much and will the adventure of this story stop without a happy ending?

I was breathless after I finished InkDeath. The way that all three books in the series are written, you are able to have such a clear vision of what's happening in each chapter. Cornelia Funke immerses the reader into each book by her descriptive and intriguing language, taking you to places and times and characters that you never could have thought existed. InkDeath leaves the reader thinking about what a fantastic series they have been able to read. I completely recommend this wonderful series for kids everywhere to read!


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