Book Review: The Elephant's Tale (Legend of the Animal Healer)

New mystery has animals, adventure, and suspense

  • Grades: 3–5, 6–8

The Elephant's Tale (Legend of the Animal Healer)
Author: Lauren St. John
Publisher: Walden Media
Release Date: June 2010
Length: 221 pages
Ages: 9-11 year olds

In this suspenseful new novel, Martine, the heroine, attempts to save her African game reserve, Sawubona, and its animals from a mysterious man claiming ownership.

We first meet 11-year-old Martine when she is high up on a cliff at the reserve. When the strange man pulls up in a shiny, black car, a whirlwind of extraordinary events begins. Martine ends up traveling thousands of miles across South Africa to save Sawubona by Christmas Day.

Following a trail of clues, Martine and her best friend, Ben, stow away on the strange man's private jet. They visit villages, search tourist lodges, and even haunted caves to find the answer to this thrilling mystery.

This book is the fourth in a series called Legend of the Animal Healer by Lauren St. John. She is also the author of The White Giraffe (2006), Dolphin Song (2007), and The Last Leopard (2008).

The Elephant's Tale became available in bookstores in June. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery, loves animals, or just wants to dive into a great read.

Warning: You might not like the beginning, as the mystery starts slowly, but if you stick to it, I know you'll love it as much as I did!

Whether Martine is able to save Sawubona is something you will only find out if you read the book. The answer is definitely worth waiting for!

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