Book Review: The Cloud Searchers

Amulet Book 3 keeps you wanting more

  • Grades: 3–5, 6–8

The Cloud Searchers, Book 3 in the Amulet Series
Written and Illustrated by: Kazu Kibuishi
Publisher/Release Date: Scholastic Graphix/September 2010
Length: 208 pages
Recommended Reading Level: Ages 9-13

Captivating is the word that describes The Cloud Searchers, the third book in the Amulet series written and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi.

This graphic novel series is definitely an action/adventure story. It revolves around Emily, her brother Navin, and their mother. The trio encounters interesting and often dangerous characters on their journey to save their lives and the strange dark world they are pulled into.
The adventure begins when Emily and her family move into her great-grandfather's old house. There, Emily discovers strange artifacts and a powerful amulet, or magical charm. On this fantastic journey Emily has the power of the amulet—or does the amulet have power over Emily? You have to read the story and decide for yourself, but that amulet is one powerful necklace!
In this latest addition to the Amulet series, enemies become allies and a secret is revealed. The story is full of plot twists and surprises.
The main characters are likeable and human. The events that happen to them in the story test their courage, faith, and convictions.
The interesting and unique characters come in many forms. Whether friendly or sinister, they are depicted in fantastic illustrations that really "draw" you into the action.

I love graphic novels, especially when the drawings are as awesome as the ones in the Amulet series.
Actually, it's such an exciting series that I read one book right after the other, reading all three in one afternoon. I didn't want to finish! Each book ends with a thrilling cliffhanger that keeps you anxiously looking forward to opening the next one. For me that's Book 4. I hope it comes out soon!
If you enjoy reading books with exhilarating adventure, cool characters, fantastic artwork, and a complicated mystery, you'll find all in the Amulet series.


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