Book Review: Bone: Tall Tales

A Bone prequel with new stories and full color!

  • Grades: 3–5, 6–8

Bone: Tall Tales
Author: Jeff Smith
Publisher/Release Date: Scholastic/August 2010
Length of Book: 128 Pages, Paperback
Age range: Grades 4 to 8

Author Jeff Smith is back with more Bone adventures. Bone: Tall Tales is an updated version of Stupid, Stupid Rat-Tails, but with new material and full-color art. This book is unlike the other Bone books because it contains four short stories (tall tales!) of outrageous and hilarious adventure. It's Bone-tastic!

The book starts with Smiley Bone and his troop of boy scouts camping in the forest. Smiley unpacks his supplies, sets up a tent, builds a fire, and begins telling tales of the origin of Boneville. The scouts are thrilled by stories of gigantic rat creatures, ferocious dragons, Bone-eating eagles, and much, much, more.  

The first epic tale is about Fone Bone and Phoney Bone who go on a treasure hunt. They experience incredible adventures climbing cliffs and fighting off giant eagles that want them for lunch.

Another story is about a little baby who gets separated from his mother. The wind carries him to the icy mountains. The baby's grandmother goes searching for him, but before she can find him, the baby meets Old Man Winter, who teases and taunts him. Find out how this baby sets things straight when you read the book!

The Bone series is some of the best humor books on the market. The characters are witty and outgoing. And even though the books are targeted at a young audience, they can be enjoyed by anyone who loves a good laugh.


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