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Specific type of product:
Document Cameras, digital presentation products   

Range between $499 - $699 for portable products.  Education and quantity discounts offered through A/V resellers.  

Best for:
All subjects, K-12

AVerVision Document Cameras capture clear images of lesson material to display through a projector or monitor with included software to record and manipulate live content. 

Case Study: Technology Integration in Canyon Ridge School, Dysart Unified School District

The selection and integration of K-12 classroom technologies can be a daunting task, especially when considering the sheer number of available products, and features within those products.  However, with a clearly defined plan, schools can effectively integrate technology that compliments curriculum and advances current teaching methods.  

This was the case for Canyon Ridge School in Surprise, Arizona.  First opened for the 2007 – 2008 school year, Canyon Ridge is a K-8 concept school, designed specifically to meet the needs of 21st century learners.  Dysart Unified School District defines the Canyon Ridge concept as:

“…a comprehensive, integrated curriculum aligned with state standards while emphasizing math and science as focus areas. Technology will be a core component of the instructional program and will be integrated into all subject areas.”   
The Canyon Ridge concept combines previous research with evaluation of the school needs and budget, however the model and curriculum in place was developed by Dysart Unified specifically for Canyon Ridge and future Dysart concept schools.  With today’s students immersed in technology outside of the classroom, it is important that their learning environment reflect and take advantage of this exposure.  This philosophy not only bridges the gap between technology and learning, but also helps drive the overall preparation for global communications and economies.  

In order to effectively develop and implement this model, it was decided that each Canyon Ridge classroom would be populated with a ceiling mounted projector, teacher laptop, six student laptops for group sharing, wireless slates, SRS, and a document camera.  Interactive whiteboards were also added to approximately half of the classrooms.  

According to Ms. King, these products are used together and independently in a variety of ways, however the overall purpose for choosing these products was to create an interactive learning environment for modeling, open group discussions and formative assessments.  In line with the requirement of hands-on student use and involvement with these technologies, the most commonly used items are the laptops, projectors, document cameras, yet the document cameras are one of the most highly requested products district wide, second only to multimedia projectors.  The document camera which best fit the Canyon Ridge model was the AVerVision300AF by AVerMedia.  

Melodie Brewer, former 5th grade teacher and technology mentor at Canyon Ridge (current district technology trainer) takes full advantage of the technology available to her.  According to Mrs. Brewer, “I use my document camera most often because their applications are endless, allowing me to easily incorporate student-centered instruction in the classroom on a daily basis.  The AVerVision300AF increases student motivation and engagement, while reducing my prep time.”  Mrs. Brewer goes on to explain that her AVerVision document camera has been essential in increasing student participation and interaction.  “Student motivation and engagement has increased tremendously because students want to share their work and ideas using the document camera.  They love to be the ‘teacher’.”

Overall comprehension has significantly improved in Mrs. Brewer’s class since authentic material (as opposed to photo copies, internet images, or passing around small objects) present real-life examples of lesson content.  The use of these technologies has increased students’ general quality of work (handwriting, grammar, spelling, etc.) since at any time the work can be displayed and viewed by their peers.  Furthermore, AVerMedia provides a variety of resources to help teachers use their document camera effectively.  Between training videos, application case studies, document camera lesson plans, and a teacher forum, teachers are able to maximize the features and functions of their AVerVision document camera while applying it directly to their curriculum.  

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