Author Chris D'Lacey

Former songwriter turns science to fantasy

  • Grades: 3–5, 6–8

Chris D'Lacey is not your typical fantasy author. D'Lacey is the author of the newly released novel Dark Fire, which is part of the series The Last Dragon Chronicles.

D'Lacey was born in Malta, a European country close to Italy. He is of British decent and currently lives in England.

In a recent interview with the Scholastic Kids Press Corps, D'Lacey talked about what inspired him to begin writing books.

"I was influenced by the band The Beatles, which gave me ambition to write songs, and then write books," he said. "[Songwriting] gave me inspiration to pursue larger dreams."

David Rain, who is the main character in the book Dark Fire, was influenced by D'Lacey's own life. Although there are a few differences, D'Lacey said that they had "very similar characteristics."

D'Lacey teaches at a university in England and has had several different career interests. He once worked in a lab as a microscopic scientist.

"The work in the laboratory never really had an influence on my life," he said. "It just was something that would be an escape from day to day things."

Like many authors, writing was not something he ever thought he would get into. The success that came with the songwriting was something that could have landed him in a career in music. However, D'Lacey was never good at playing or singing, so the next right thing for him was to write books.

"It all just leads into each other," he said. "I didn't think the success in writing would bring me this far."

His science background aided his fantasy writing.

"Science and fantasy have a lot in common," he said." All fiction is a kind of fantasy. The science I did was pure science working with a microscope so certainly there are some similarities."

Writing a series is a good way to get kids hooked on books, D'Lacey said.

"I think that if we have a series of books for kids, they can get hooked on one and will continue on to finish the whole series," he said. "Reading is very important."

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