Accomplice Booktalk

  • Grades: 6–8

People will do anything to get into the college of their dreams—Girl Scouts, marching band, volunteering to assist with unsavory clean ups as candy stripers, and devoting entire weekends to intense SAT cramming. But when the guidance counselor at Finn's school tells the students that their efforts simply aren't enough to get them into an Ivy League college, her best friend Chloe comes up with an alternative 'in' to any college she desires.

If Chloe were kidnapped and safely returned, she would be the entire nation's darling. What college admissions officer could say no to that? The plan was simple. As the world searched for Chloe, she'd be safe, hiding in her grandmother's basement. In a couple days, she'd emerge from the woods, alive—a miracle for the whole country to take solace in. But as the old saying goes, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Finn and Chloe never expected that their little plan could lead to dire consequences. . .

  • Subjects:
    Running Away