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While this website contains all the key findings, data, tables and charts from both the Literacy and Equity TPSR Reports, the full report PDFs contains many more quotes from teachers and principals from across the country, as well as two appendices: one with full demographic info on our more than 4,700 person sample, and a second with expanded survey results.

Focus on Literacy

Full Report

PDF (1.1MB)



Making the Home-to-School Connection Around Literacy
PDF (49KB)

Educators’ Views on Independent Reading at School
PDF (32KB)

Equity in Education

Full Report

PDF (2.6MB)


Barriers to Equity in Education
PDF (70KB)

Educators’ Funding Priorities & Personal Spending
PDF (100KB)

Families & Communities as Important Partners
PDF (90KB)

Educators’ Commitment to the Profession
PDF (70KB)

The Need for Books in Classrooms and Homes
PDF (110KB)

State Findings

PDFs available on the State Findings page