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Be Sunbeatable

ELA and STEM Lessons
for Grades 3–5

Teaching children about sun safety
can have a long-term and positive
impact on their health. This sun
safety program from Scholastic and
The University of Texas MD Anderson
Cancer Center
will help encourage
students and families to be sun safe
every day and everywhere.

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Lesson Plans


The Power of the Sun

Students will learn about the sun and how the energy it produces impacts Earth and people in all climates.


What Is Skin?

Students will learn about skin and how to protect it from the sun's ultraviolet rays.


How Shadows Indicate the
Sun's Strength

Students will learn how shadow lengths vary at different times of the day and indicate when the sun's rays are most harmful.


Building a 3-D Model of the Skin

Students will be guided to make 3-D models of the skin to gain a better understanding of the skin's layers.


Be Sunbeatable With Your Family!

Extend the learning beyond the classroom by sending home these sun safety tips and activity for families.

Find out more to keep your family sun safe at mdanderson.org/skin-safety.

Learn About Ray and
the Sunbeatables®

Ray and the Sunbeatables®: A Sun Safety Curriculum features superhero characters who travel around the world using their superpowers of sun protection. This curriculum is targeted to preschoolers, kindergarteners and first-grade students.

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