Summer Challenge LIVE!

In 2010, bestselling authors Christopher Paul Curtis, Gordon Korman, R.L. Stine and Lisa Yee competed in the Ultimate Author Showdown, a live book-trivia game show webcast.

Watch the Replay!

This year, the Scholastic Summer Challenge kicks off with the second annual WordGirl™ Definition Competition - a live virtual event that will challenge students grades 1-3 in a battle for word domination. Inspired by the educational objectives of the WordGirl television series that airs daily on PBS KIDSGO!, the WordGirl Definition Competition will bring WordGirl into the classroom, engaging students with vocabulary words through an entertaining and interactive game show format.

The 2011 Scholastic Summer Challenge begins on April 27th - visit, and help keep kids reading all summer long!

Hosted By:

Jon Scieszka

Meet the Contestants:

  • Christerpher Paul Curtis
  • Gordon Korman
  • Lisa Yee
  • RL Stine