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Scream Team #3: The Big Foot in the End Zone
Author: Bill Doyle
Karl and the rest of the Scream Team kick off football season with a new monster on the squad! It's Dr. Neuron's nephew. And this cranky creature is pulling out every prank to keep victory on the sidelines. Not good news for Karl who's howling ready to play in the Wolfenstein Muck Bowl, or for Beck whose big feet have become the league's biggest joke. One thing's for sure, the game of football has never been so funny!
Tim Tebow: Always a Hero
Author: Tim Polzer
It's Tebow Time!

With an incredible amount of talent and the ability to win huge games, Tim Tebow is the player that every football fan is talking about. Follow Tim from his early high school years, his highly successful college career, through his recent trade to the New York Jets in this story filled with photographs and fun facts.
NFL: Superstars 2012
Author: Jim Gigliotti
The 14 best players from the 2011-2012 NFL season are captured in this full-color poster book. With full page photographs, this book is perfect for NFL fans.
Game Changers
Author: Mike Lupica
Ben McBain is every football team's dream player. He's a jack-of-all-trades guy that can handle almost any position. When the game is on the line, Ben's number is the one being called for the final play. But Ben wants to be the starting quarterback and the one thing standing in his way is the coach's son.

Shawn O'Brien looks the part. He has been groomed by his father, a former professional quarterback. But despite his size and arm strength, Shawn is struggling.

Ben is torn between being a good teammate and going after his own dream. As Ben finds out, Shawn isn't the easiest person to help. And when Ben gets an unexpected opportunity, the entire game will change for the both of them.

Best-selling author Mike Lupica kicks off a winning new series about sports and friendship that will captivate readers.

Read about Ben McBain’s other adventures in Game Changers: Play Makers
NFL: Defense!
Author: Tim Polzer
Features six of today's hottest defensive stars on the field–Troy Polamalu, Clay Matthews, Ndamukong Suh, Darrelle Revis, Patrick Willis, and Cameron Wake.
Author: Jim Gigliotti
A history of all of the teams in the NFL plus their current standings. Did you know the Packers are the only team in America where the fans own the team? Inside this book you'll find out more cool facts about the teams of the AFC, then flip the book over to find out cool facts about the NFC!
The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #27: Bogeymen Don't Play Football
Author: Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones
Mr. Bogey is the new student teacher in Mrs. Jeepers' classroom. Besides being a teacher, he is also the star of the new Bailey City Football team. Does he really mean it when he says, "I'm going to get you..." to the Bailey School kids? Could this mysterious man really be the bogeyman?
Author: Gordon Korman
Griffin Bing's new principal doesn't like him. And Griffin doesn't like the boot camp football atmosphere the new principal has brought. Griffin manages to stay out of trouble–until a Super Bowl ring disappears from the school's display case, with Griffin's retainer left in its place. Griffin has been framed! Unfortunately, the Man doesn't have a Plan–and everything his team tries to find out who really took the ring backfires. Griffin ends up in an alternate school, then under house arrest, and finally with an electronic anklet.
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