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NEW! Digital Lesson: “The Spirit
of Adventure”

What drives the human spirit of adventure? Explore this essential question in your class with our multimedia lesson. The step-by-step teaching guide incorporates the paired-text feature “Extreme Teens,” a slide show, activity sheets, and more.
Digital Lesson: Use and Misuse of Information in Nazi Germany
What was the role of information and propaganda in Nazi Germany? Teach this fascinating topic with this easy-to-use multimedia lesson plan, which includes the narrative-nonfiction article, “The Boys Who Fought Hitler,” a new Scope “Behind the Scenes” video, a slide show, activity sheets, and more.
Digital Lesson: Looking Back on the Relay to Nome
This amazingly rich lesson will immerse students in the world of our narrative-nonfiction feature, “The Race Against Death.” In addition to reading the article, students will watch our Time Machine video about the 1920s and complete a webquest in preparation for writing a newspaper article or TV broadcast commemorating the anniversary of the lifesaving dogsled relay.
Digital Lesson:
The Power of One

This engaging lesson, including our cover story “Hunted for Fun, Left for Dead,” activity sheets, and a Scope video, will prompt students to consider the power of images. Our step-by-step multimedia teaching kit is great for your whiteboard!
Digital Lesson: No Pain, No Gain: Healthy or Harmful?
This step-by-step teaching kit includes our nonfiction article “Dazzle and Danger,” activity sheets, and two videos. Perfect for your whiteboard!
Digital Lesson: An Avalanche of Warnings
Our exciting multimedia package incorporates our narrative-nonfiction article, infographic, activity sheets, and more. A perfect key ideas and details lesson!
Digital Lesson: Seabiscuit and the Great Depression
What role does the setting play in historical fiction? This is the essential question we pose to your students in this easy-to-use lesson, which includes our inspiring play Seabiscuit, Scope activity sheets, and our awesome “Time Machine” video all about the 1930s. Makes a fantastic lesson on synthesizing key ideas from multiple texts!
Digital Lesson: What Could Go Wrong?
In this amazing cross-genre lesson, students synthesize information from three texts: our thrilling play Frankenstein, our debate about cloning a woolly mammoth, and a Scope video about the scientific advancements in Mary Shelley’s day. Great cross-curricular connections to science and history!
Digital Lesson: Tornado Stories
Build your students’ synthesizing and higher-level-thinking skills with this rich, cross-genre lesson. The step-by-step teaching package includes the nonfiction article Out of the Tornado, a Scope video, activity sheets, and more.
Digital Lesson:
The Monster in the Cave

Use this stellar multimedia package for a great lesson on analyzing character and point of view. This step-by-step teaching kit includes the play The Monster in the Cave, a Scope video, activity sheets, and more.
Digital Lesson: Dogs on Duty
Use this stellar multimedia package for a great lesson on reading for information. Your students will synthesize information from video clips and images, as well as the Scope article “Dogs vs. Terrorists.”
Digital Lesson: Exploring Symbolism Through the Titanic
Teach symbolism and figurative vs. literal meaning with our multimedia digital lesson plan. This complete package includes our new video about the symbolism of the Titanic and an activity that ties together the video and the article “Into the Dark Water.”
Digital Lesson:
On Behalf of Elephants

In this engaging and easy-to-use multimedia lesson, your students will consider the essential question “What is our responsibility to animals?” The lesson incorporates our nonfiction article “How to Save a Baby Elephant,” Scope worksheets, and a video. It culminates with an activity in which students write letters to an official on behalf of African elephants.
Digital Lesson: The Dust Bowl: The Land, the People
Bring the past to life with our stunning multimedia package. Our lesson explores the essential question, “What is the relationship between humans and the Earth?” It includes an incredible Scope video, printable worksheets, a poem, and our nonfiction article “The Dust Bowl: A True Teen Story From History.”
Digital Lesson: Exploring Alcatraz
This spectacular cross-genre lesson will build your students’ skills integrating knowledge and ideas. The lesson combines a Scope video featuring actual quotes from Alcatraz inmates, printable worksheets, a poem, and the nonfiction article “Escape from Alcatraz.” Culminates in reflective essay writing.
Digital Lesson: The Power
of Descriptive Writing

Teach descriptive writing with this incredible lesson about the tsunami in Japan. Includes a Scope video about the science of tsunamis, links to dramatic footage of the wave, our gripping narrative nonfiction article “Surviving the Tsunami,” and more.
Digital Lesson: What Can You
Do About Food Poisoning?

Explore the featured skill of cause and effect with our multimedia digital lesson plan. In addition to our riveting nonfiction article, this easy-to-use teaching package incorporates videos, PSAs, Team D’s food-poisoning questionnaire, and more.
Digital Lesson: The Life and
Work of Langston Hughes

Explore craft and structure with your class in this engaging multimedia lesson. Our play Langston Hughes: A Biography in Poems is the centerpiece of the lesson. Students will also watch a clip about the Harlem Renaissance, listen to Hughes read “The Dream Keeper,” and complete our worksheet “The Poetry Connection”—all in preparation for writing a reflective essay.
Digital Lesson: Overcoming Obstacles
“How can we find joy in overcoming obstacles?” This is the essential question your students explore in this cross-genre lesson. Students read the incredible true story of teen amputee Lexi Youngberg. Then they read a speech by Helen Keller and view some amazing photos and video footage. Culminates in a reflective essay. Great for sparking discussion and higher-level thinking!
Digital Lesson: Can a Picture
Change the World?

Use our Readers Theater play Worked to the Bone, about the crusading photographer Lewis Hine, and our video featuring four transformative photographs from history for a showstopping lesson your students will never forget. Great for engaging your visual learners!
Digital Lesson: Author’s Purpose
Read our nonfiction article “Head Trauma” and view our short video from the writer herself for a wonderful lesson on author’s purpose and persuasive strategies. Includes an activity sheet to help students organize their ideas.
Digital Lesson: Point of View & Theme
“Goodness is rewarded and evil is punished.” This is the theme your students will explore as they read our play The Hunt for Medusa’s Head. Use our video that tells Medusa’s side of the story and our activity worksheet to turn this classic myth into a great lesson on theme and point of view.
Digital Lesson: Author Study
You will love our dazzling three-minute video about the life of the most mysterious mystery writer: Edgar Allan Poe. It’s perfect for use before reading our play The Tell-Tale Heart. This digital lesson includes discussion questions for building your students’ listening skills.
Digital Lesson Plan: What Is Courage?
Use our multimedia lesson plan to explore the meaning of courage. Students contemplate iconic images and famous quotations about courage, then use these, along with our nonfiction article, “The Guys Who Got bin Laden,” to develop their own definitions of what it means to be brave.
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