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Narrative Nonfiction
The Burning Town
Our narrative-nonfiction feature tells the incredible story of the underground coal fire that turned Centralia, Pennsylvania, into a ghost town—and nearly claimed the life of a 12-year-old boy. Skill focus: cause and effect; close reading
Readers Theatre Play
The Sword in the Stone

With sixth-century Britain in chaos after the death of its king, the sorcerer Merlin devises an unusual test to find a new leader. The classic legend of teenage King Arthur comes to life in our play; your class will have a blast performing this exciting tale of murder, magic, and destiny. Skill focus: analyzing a legend
Paired Texts
Extreme Teens
At 16, Laura Dekker became the youngest person to circumnavigate the world alone in a boat. She is just one of many teens who are risking their lives to achieve incredible feats. Should somebody stop them? Laura’s story is paired with a profile of one of history’s most famous teen adventurers: Marco Polo. Skill focus: key ideas and details; making connections between two nonfiction articles
Debate/Essay Kit
Should Barry Bonds Be in the Hall of Fame?

This year, no living candidates were admitted into baseball’s Hall of Fame. Is it right to deny the sport’s highest honor to players implicated in doping scandals? Students will read arguments on both sides of the debate, then take a stand. Skill focus: central idea and supporting details; argument writing
The Lazy Editor
Could He Really Survive This Explosion? (No.)

We see it all the time in action movies: The hero calmly walks away as a massive explosion erupts just over his or her shoulder. Could a person really survive that close to the blast? Students will correct grammatical errors and sloppy writing in an article about how explosions really affect the body. Skill focus: conventions of standard English; revision
Before They Were Famous

Students learn the difference between who’s and whose while learning about three celebrities’ childhoods. Skill focus: conventions of standard English
You Write It
Why Pigs Rule

We’re so excited to unveil this new activity—a sneak preview of a format you’ll see next year in Scope. Students transform our adorable infographic about why potbellied pigs make awesome pets into a well-crafted paragraph. Skill focus: central idea and supporting evidence; interpreting an infographic; paragraph writing

Incredible Teacher Support
From reading-comprehension quizzes to digital lessons and videos, amazing teaching support accompanies every article in Scope. And it’s all designed to build key ELA skills and support the demands of the Common Core Standards.

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