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Congratulations to the winners of our You Write It Contest in the September 3, 2012, issue. We couldn’t have written these articles better ourselves!

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Becoming “That Kid From The Hunger Games”

Megan F.
Hazelton, PA

Being in a big movie, however small the part, can be a life changing experience. Scope talked with Ethan Jamieson about his small (but fun) role. He described the friendships he made and even told a few set secrets!

Jamieson, 14, from Raleigh, North Carolina, was in The Hunger Games! He played the boy tribute from District 4 after submitting a video audition. The movie is about a futuristic North America with an evil government. Once a year, each of the twelve districts must send a girl and a boy tribute to fight in the Games. Only one survives.

Ethan says filming the first killing scene was intense. It took two weeks to film, all the while it being very hot out and the actors wore heavy clothes. Jamieson’s character gets killed when he runs from his hiding spot. Originally, he is behind from crates, but when he runs from them, another character smashes his face. Some may think watching yourself die on the big-screen is strange, but not this 14-year-old! He describes the feeling with enthusiasm, “This was my first big-deal movie, so I was just thinking, ‘There I am!’” Even though all the hits looked realistic, Ethan never really got hit. He moved his head in perfect timing with the punches, which takes much practice. This is called doing a “head take.”

Don’t let the hate the tributes show on-screen deceive you! Off camera, the actors got along well. He formed a tight bond with the actresses who played Foxface and Rue. They went swimming, went out to eat, and even formed a “prank gang.” The set had food everywhere, most likely to keep the actors filled up in the heat. Like any teenage boy would, Jamieson ate a little too much candy!

He tells Scope, “Now when I’m at school, people notice ‘that kid from The Hunger Games.’” Though his part is only a minute long, Ethan’s life has changed. For years to come, people will see him as the boy from District 4. Try to remember, if you ever see Ethan Jamieson, look past his small part, and see the boy inside the character.

Sydney M.
Johns Creek, GA

How would you like to be in The Hunger Games? Well, we got to talk with 14-year-old Ethan Jamieson, or as you know him, “the boy from District 4.” Ethan did not have to fight for his life though. He was an actor found through submitting a video audition. Two weeks after submitting the audition, he got a call saying he would be the boy from District 4. Even though he was only in the movie for a minute, he spent almost half of his summer in 2011 filming his part.

For those of you know don’t know, The Hunger Games is about how in the future, North America is divided into 12 districts. To control the districts, the government, called the Capitol, selects one boy and one girl as tributes. These 24 tributes are put into an arena where they fight to their death and only one lone victor remains.

Ethan described how filming the movie was intense. Filming the first fighting scene, “We were doing a lot of running while wearing pants and jackets in 95-degree heat,” he told us. While the blood bath was going on, Ethan says, “I was hiding behind a crate. When I run out, Cato, played by Alexander Ludwig, clobbers me in the face!” Then he began to tell us that he did not actually get hit. They taught him how to do “head takes,” which is when you move your head back to make it look like you got hit. It turns out he’s pretty good at it because he and his older brother “fake fight all the time,” Ethan tells us.

We found out that Ethan had so much fun hanging out around all the other Tributes. They played hide-and-go-seek around the hotel, went fishing, swimming, and out to eat with each other’s families. Amandla Stenberg, who played Rue, Jackie Emerson, who played Foxface, and Ethan formed a prank gang. “We once snuck into Alexander’s trailer and hid his clothes in the refrigerator,” he said. Ethan also said that there was so much food on the set, he thinks he ate too much candy. “The whole experience has been crazy!” he said, “Now when I’m at school, people notice me as ‘that kid from The Hunger Games.’”

Tasmia A.
Phoenix, AZ

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Being in a movie can be a bit hectic . . . Don’t you think? It can also be quite a journey. Maybe a bit boring at times. Not for Ethan. As an actor, he has formed many friendships on-set, made prank gangs, and even been a little crazy from time to time! But don’t take my word for it, take his!

Ethan Jamieson, 14, from Raleigh, North Carolina, played the boy tribute from District 4 in the film version of The Hunger Games. He got the part two weeks after submitting a video audition.

Now some of you, maybe not most of you, are probably thinking, what in the world is The Hunger Games about? Well, it all takes place in the future of North America. North America is divided into 12 districts. In order to keep the districts in control, the government requires on boy and one girl from every district to fight for survival. Gruesome, I know.

For two entire weeks, they were filming the first fighting scene. Ethan describes this as intense. “We had to do a lot of running while wearing pants and jackets in 95-degree weather,” says Ethan.

Since Ethan plays a Tribute, his character eventually gets killed. During a scene where the Tributes are fighting, Ethan’s character is hiding behind a crate. When running out, Cato smashes him in the face. Sounds really bad, right? Of course, Ethan didn’t actually get hit. He was taught to do “head takes.” Head takes are moving your head back so that it looks like you’ve been hit. Ethan claims to be an expert on “head takes.” Why? He and his older brother “fake fight all the time.” Watching yourself getting killed can be a bit awkward. Ethan, however, didn’t feel weird. In fact, he never looked at it that way. After all, The Hunger Games was his first big movie.

Obviously, Ethan had a chance to meet other tributes. Eventually, they became good friends. They have done many things together such as playing games, fishing, swimming, and going out to eat with each other families. He even had a prank gang with Amandla Stenberg (Rue) and Jackie Emerson (Foxface)!

Now, being on a movie set, a lot of things can surprise you. For Ethan he was really surprised about the oodles of food. Ethan bellows, “There’s food everywhere! I ate too much candy!” Ethan says that his whole movie experience has been crazy. Though he only had one minute of fame, he has enjoyed everything about it. He’s been also talked about in school. “Now, when I’m at school,” he says proudly, “people notice ‘that kid from The Hunger Games.’”


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