Scope First-Line Contest 2012-2013

Thanks to everyone who entered!

First-Line Contest entries poured in last fall, giving author Lisa Yee plenty of original, hilarious, and generally-fabulous first lines to choose from. With more than 6,000 entries, this year’s contest was the largest in Scope’s history. It was a tough call, but Lisa narrowed it down to one winner: Keya Roy from Issaquah, Washington. Inspired by Keya’s line, Lisa wrote the awesome story “Girl Can’t Dance” for the April 8th issue of Scope.

Check out these terrific first-line ideas from our winner and 10 runners-up. And thank you to everyone who entered for making this an AMAZING year for the First-Line Contest!


At first sight of me, I’d guarantee you’d want my autograph.
Keya R., Issaquah, WA


When I saw my grandmother sledding off the roof, I had a feeling today would be very, very odd.
Ava S., Attleboro, MA

One mall, five girls, no money.
Cailey T., Peru, IL

Jacob sat fuming in his room, wishing his little sister were in a different house, on a different continent, and on a different planet.
D’ante R., Panama City, FL

As she took her first step off the cliff, she realized it was not a dream.
Kristina B., Gorham, ME

“My parents sure do love me,” I say to myself when I see my bags packed for military school.
Merris B., Louisville, KY

Some stories are exciting with swashbuckling heroes and damsels in distress; other stories are like mine.
Nick W., Seneca, MO

I walked in, flashed a smile, tripped over my shoelaces, and fell face-first into the trash bin.
Noah O., Riverside, IL

I took a walk in my neighborhood and ended up on the other side of the world.
Sarah J., Ellicott City, MD

The closet was filled with the finest of furs, the softest of velvets, and the most delicate French lace in every color imaginable.
Veda G., Jacksonville, FL

He walks through town but no one sees him.
Zach W., Huntington, WV

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