Learn to Code

This section is designed to give an overview of the app development process. There are four tutorials of varying topics that provide step-by-step instruction for building native Android applications. Dive in and choose one app tutorial or all five to learn how to code or as a coding refresher!

Software Development Toolkit

Mobile apps utilize advanced hardware features and software development kits. Toolkits allow software developers to build applications that harness such things as, camera, voice, motion, and gesture recognition technology. Learn more about the toolkits being used in this section.


A tool that measures the acceleration of the device along each of the three spatial axes.

S Pen™

Android input tool used to write directly onto a tablet canvas. (This tool is limited to Samsung Galaxy Note tablets.)


Software tool used to capture and store images.


A software tool used to store, manage and aggregate collections of data.


Software tool that allows developers to create unique audio experiences for their users.


GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This is a satellite navigation tool used to show location.

Internet API

A tool used to access information provided by internet servers.

Text to Speech

Tool used to interpret written words and have them spoken audibly for users.


A coding tool used to generate rows and columns to neatly align screen content and display data.


Tool that enables wireless connectivity for computers, handheld devices and mobile phones in close proximity.