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New Grades 6-8 Lessons
elcome to Adventures in Math, a free educational program developed to help you teach key math skills while reinforcing the importance of financial responsibility.
Lessons for Grades K-2 Give your students a basic introduction to math and money concepts.
Lessons for Grades 3-5 Explore concepts including making money and budgeting, as well as saving and investing.
Lessons for Grades 6-8 Enhance personal financial literacy skills, including budgeting and determining the better buy.
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It's never too early for families to teach skills for financial success to their children. Reinforce classroom conversations with these materials.
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Determining the Better Buy

Students analyze and calculate unit pricing, discounts, and fixed and variable costs.
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Athlete Game App for high
school and college students.

The Piggy Bank Quiz!

Squirrel-Away Squirrels, Do-Good Dolphins,
or Spendy Spiders? Encourage students
to take the quiz and uncover which animal
resembles their spending habits.

(Grades K-2)

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The Road to Riches Game

Your students can work their way through
the world of saving, giving, and budgeting
with this interactive adventure game!

(Grades 3-5)

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