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Like many others, Lily’s family wanted to teach their children the importance of giving and instill in them self-confidence, pride, and a sense of goodwill - but didn’t know how to go about introducing these concepts. Thankfully, a way for young children to own the experience of giving, and making a lasting impact on those in need, comes together at Milk + Bookies.

Milk + Bookies is a nationwide 501 (c) 3 charitable organization that gets books into the hands of thousands of children who need them. Milk + Bookies is all about spreading the love of reading to those who can’t afford books of their own. And they’ve done it as a service learning activity for families and schools. Milk + Bookies fosters literacy and philanthropy by providing all of the tools, resources, support, and instruction required for anyone to host their own Milk + Bookies book raisers. Lily’s family knew the importance of early literacy development, and wanted to get books to children who might not have any. They ordered a Bookies Box from Milk + Bookies, which had all the party materials they needed. Then the fun started! All of Lily’s friends showed up to her party with brand new books to donate! They wrote messages on bookplates to go inside the books, gathered them in a bin, and celebrated with huge I DONATED stickers and of course, milk and cookies. Milk + Bookies helped Lily’s family find a worthy recipient group in their zip code, and Lily got to deliver the books she raised to an organization that services families in need.

Lily raised 233 books that day. Her family donated these books to a small organization called Ready, Set, Read! All over the country Milk + Bookies parties, like this one, have gathered over 50,000 books. Almost 12,000 young philanthropists have participated and can agree with Lily when she says that “giving books to kids who don’t have any makes me feel good in my heart.”

To learn more about Milk + Bookies, visit their website.

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