A Personalized Learning Path for Every Student

The READ 180 Instructional Technology is intelligent and adaptive, adjusting instruction to meet each student’s needs. Each student’s experience with the software is unique and performance-based as he or she progresses through five instructional zones in the READ 180 Instructional Technology.


Data Accountability & Ownership

The READ 180 Student Dashboard supports students in building executive function skills while progress-tracking helps build motivation and perseverance.

Cross-Curricular Content Builds Knowledge & Skill

Engaging Topic Software with high-interest videos about relevant topics builds background knowledge to help student form mental models. Every stage of READ 180 includes five content-area strands that each include 12 segments of instruction. The Topic Software personalizes reading instruction and practice to address each student's needs.

Engaging Topics with high-interest videos help students form mental models and build background knowledge.

Download Complete Lists For:

  • STAGE A Lexile Measures
    200L – 900L
  • STAGE B Lexile Measures
    200L – 1300L
  • STAGE C Lexile Measures
    200L – 1300L
  • People & Cultures
  • Science & Math
  • History & Geography
  • Literature & Arts
  • Your World & Beyond
  • Can You Believe It?
  • Weird Science
  • Mummies, Bones, & Garbage
  • Beyond Words!
  • Tech Time
  • Beating the Odds
  • Extreme Sports
  • Survive
  • Scene Stealers
  • The Big Giveback
  • Believe & Achieve
  • Not Your Boring Science
  • Front-Page News
  • Enduring Visions
  • Inside Africa