Range & Quality of Texts

In READ 180, students engage with and evaluate texts across a range of types and disciplines–with a strong emphasis on informational text–and consider multiple perspectives that represent a variety of periods, cultures, and viewpoints.

  • Instructional Technology: Topic Software

    Engaging Topic Software, with high-interest videos, builds background to help students form mental models. The Topic Software provides personalized reading instruction and practice to address each student’s needs.

  • Small-Group Instruction: rBook

    The rBook is the cornerstone of READ 180 instruction, providing a clear path for daily instruction that focuses learning on science, social studies, literature, and life skills.

  • Modeled & Independent Reading: Paperback & eBook Library

    In READ 180, students are exposed to a range of challenging, high-quality informational and literary texts that span genres, cultures, and eras.