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About Qubo
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Qubo is about possibilities
Qubo Channel believes that quality entertainment can motivate kids to become good friends, family members and teammates. Qubo programming is not only fun, it teaches right from wrong, the importance of non-judgment, how to form lasting friendships, and how to be respectful and kind. Our mission is to provide the building blocks that inspire a lifetime of possibilities. Qubo is Good Fun.

Why Parents Love Qubo
Qubo Channel is the network of choice for parents who value creativity, quality storytelling and positive role models for their kids. Featuring empowering children's programming, Qubo is the only 24/7 safe place for kids who have outgrown preschool programming and are ready for the next level of childhood development. Qubo cares about children's health and well-being, and parents know their kids won't see any unhealthy food or beverage advertisements targeted to kids on our network. And what's more, parents get to spend quality time with their kids when they watch Qubo together, because at Qubo, parents are always welcome!

Qubo Channel is the age appropriate kids' network that parents have been waiting for. If you want a safe place where your kids can learn and grow, visit qubo.com or call 877-9QuboTV (877-078-2688) to contact your local cable provider to tell them you want Qubo Channel.

About Qubo
Most of Qubo's shows are associated with popular children's books, and the network's interstitial programming reinforces messages about literacy and healthy living. Qubo also has adopted a set of strict nutritional guidelines for acceptable foods that can be advertised on air. Formed in 2006, Qubo Channel is now a partnership among the leading distribution and content players in children's television: Scholastic, ION Media Networks, NBC Universal, and Corus Entertainment. A Qubo block currently airs on NBC Saturday mornings, ION Television Wednesday-Friday mornings and Telemundo weekend mornings. Qubo Channel is a 24/7 network.

To see if you get Qubo Channel in your area, call 877-9QuboTV (877-978-2688) or visit qubo.com.

Qubo is an engaging on-air and online neighborhood where children and families go every day to have fun, learn and share in an environment that promotes positive values, strong minds and healthy bodies.

Featuring great TV shows for children and families, Qubo is the one network that parents trust and enjoy watching too!