America’s Teachers on Teaching in an Era of Change

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Results from an online survey of teachers in , conducted July 1-22, 2013. State reports feature key data from the national report. Due to sample size in some cases, analysis by subgroups was not possible and therefore national data is used as a benchmark followed with state data that is available. Whenever this is the case, it is noted in the above report. More on Methodology.

Indiana Teachers Are Enthusiastic About the Implementation of the Common Core, Even as They Acknowledge Challenges Ahead

61% of math, English language arts, science and/or social studies teachers in Indiana are enthusiastic about the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in their classroom.

As they work to prepare for the new standards, teachers in Indiana say they are participating (or have participated) in many Common Core–related activities, and a majority say many of these activities have been helpful.

Outside of their enthusiasm or preparedness for the Common Core, teachers who teach math, English language arts, science and/or social studies in Indiana report needing a wide range of resources to implement the standards, the most common of which include:

Indiana teachers offer their views on what they need most to help students meet the standards. When asked about the student populations in their classrooms meeting the Common Core State Standards, teachers in Indiana are most concerned about students who are currently working two or more grades below grade level (with 39% expressing concern) and special education students (27%).