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“You have some students who are emerging, some who are almost there, some who aren’t. You want them all to ‘be there’.”

—Elementary School Teacher


In the coming months, the full report, Primary Sources: America’s Teachers on Teaching in an Era of Change, will provide additional findings on the Common Core, including activities teachers have participated in to prepare for implementation, teachers’ views on the impact of the Common Core, and additional analysis on what teachers need in order to help their students achieve the goals of the Common Core.

Further, the report will provide insight into teachers’ experiences with and opinions on teacher evaluation systems, how teachers are lifelong learners seeking out information on their profession and how they are using technology to collaborate, find lesson plans and gain support from peers.

Teachers also share with us the challenges and rewards of being in the classroom, the characteristics of great teachers, plus views on the most helpful ways parents can support children’s success in school.

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