Preschool Worksheets

Scholastic Printables has over 1,000 Preschool Worksheets for all subjects and themes and over 15,000 award winning printables for all grades and subjects! Our professionally produced preschool worksheets enhance early learning, introducing and educating early learners with numbers, colors, letters and more.


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Scholastic Printables' Preschool Worksheets Cover:

  • Counting Exercises
  • Clip Art
  • Comparing Words Worksheet
  • Everyday Vocabulary Worksheet
  • Handwriting Worksheet
  • Holidays and Celebrations
  • Identifying a,b,c
  • Identifying Numerals 1-10
  • Identifying Shapes
  • Lower Case Letter Practice
  • Math Pattern and Practice
  • Math Worksheets
  • Math Vocabulary Worksheet
  • Reading Worksheets
  • Recognizing Shapes Worksheet
  • Scissor Skills
  • Tracing and Writing Uppercase Letters
  • Upper Case Letter Practice
  • Using a Dictionary - Activity Page

Sample Preschool Worksheets

Over 1,000 Scholastic Preschool Worksheets span over 20 subjects and cover many topics and themes! Additionally get access to over 15,000 award winning printables and leveled learning packs in reading and math to reach every learner. New printables and preschool worksheets are published each month to keep your courses fresh, exciting and up-to-date. You'll be able to access all of our resources from any computer whether at school or at home. Spend more time focusing on your course and less time on preparing materials - Simply Find It, Print It, Teach It!


Here's a sample of FREE preschool worksheets for you to try in your class.

You Can Draw a Dinosaur:

(Preschool Worksheets)
Follow these simple steps to draw a dinosaur using basic shapes.
Grade: Pre-K - K
Topic: Early Math

Bears on Bicycles:

(Preschool Worksheets)
A learning activity to teach the sound of letter 'B'
Grade: Pre-K - K
Topic: First Words

Sing Along With Letters A, B and C

(Preschool Worksheets)
Three songs to sing about the first three letters of the alphabet.
Grade: Pre-K - K
Topic: First Words, Songs and Rhymes

Additional Preschool Worksheets

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I have access to other Printables categories and grade levels with my subscription?
Yes, you will have instant access to our entire catalogue of Printables for Pre K – 8th grade. Our wide range of topics cover all the subjects you teach – that’s over 15,000 award winning Teaching Resources organized by subject, skill, and theme.

What are the subjects and grade levels covered by Scholastic Printables?
Scholastic Printables offers resources for grades Pre K to 8th. Subjects are geared specifically towards the level of the students to help reinforce and expand on what they learned in the classroom. Subjects include Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Holidays, Arts & Creativity, Hobbies, Child Development, Sports and Technology.

Can I access the Printables from any computer?
Accounts can be accessed from any computer, at school or at home so you always have your favorites at hand.

Can Scholastic Printables be used for home schooling?
Teaching at home is demanding, but with Scholastic Printables setting up a curriculum, choosing topics and getting the best resources for your kids will be easy. You can also use our Printables and worksheets as supplemental resources to what your kids are learning in school.

Are there Printables for holidays, seasons and special events?
Yes, you will find plenty, if not hundreds, of fun and professionally developed Printables to celebrate holidays, seasons and special events.

Can I personalize the Printables?
With Scholastic Printables you can take advantage of the “Make Your Own Tools” feature to create your own games, puzzles or flash cards in 3 easy steps. Plus, you get a personal storage system where you can save and organize your favorites so it’s all easy to find.