Leveled Readers and Guided Reading Books from Scholastic Mini Books

Scholastic Mini Books has over 2000 Leveled Readers and Guided Reading Books for levels A – Z that cover many topics and themes! Sign up today and get instant online access to printable leveled readers and guided reading mini books.

Scholastic Leveled Readers and Guided Reading Mini Books Cover:

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • American History
  • Animals
  • Astronomy and Space
  • Communities and Ways of Life
  • Counting and Numbers
  • Early Math
  • Earth Science
  • ESL and ELL
  • Writing
  • Geometry
  • Historic Figures
  • Holidays
  • Language Arts
  • Multiplication and Division
  • People, Places, and Environments
  • Problem Solving
  • Reading
  • Seasons

Sample Leveled Readers and Guided Reading Mini Books

Over 2000 Scholastic Leveled Readers and Guided Reading Mini Books span over 26 levels from Pre-K through Grade 8. Here's a sample of FREE leveled readers and guided reading mini books for you to try in your class.

Folk and Fairy Tale Readers: The Ugly Duckling

(Guided Reading)

Guided Reading Level G
Grade: Pre-K - 3
Topic: Reading

What’s in the Lost and Found?

(Guided Reading)

Guided Reading Level L
Grade: 2
Topic: Data Analysis

Say Goodbye to Winter

(Guided Reading)

Guided Reading Level D
Grade: 1
Topic: Holidays

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I have access to other Printables categories and grade levels with my subscription?
Yes, you will have instant access to our entire catalogue of Printables for Pre K – 8th grade. Our wide range of topics cover all the subjects you teach – that’s over 15,000 award winning Teaching Resources organized by subject, skill, and theme.

What are the subjects and grade levels covered by Scholastic Printables?
Scholastic Printables offers resources for grades Pre K to 8th. Subjects are geared specifically towards the level of the students to help reinforce and expand on what they learned in the classroom. Subjects include Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Holidays, Arts & Creativity, Hobbies, Child Development, Sports and Technology.

Can I access the Printables from any computer?
Accounts can be accessed from any computer, at school or at home so you always have your favorites at hand.

Can Scholastic Printables be used for home schooling?
Teaching at home is demanding, but with Scholastic Printables setting up a curriculum, choosing topics and getting the best resources for your kids will be easy. You can also use our Printables and worksheets as supplemental resources to what your kids are learning in school.

Are there Printables for holidays, seasons and special events?
Yes, you will find plenty, if not hundreds, of fun and professionally developed Printables to celebrate holidays, seasons and special events.

Can I personalize the Printables?
With Scholastic Printables you can take advantage of the “Make Your Own Tools” feature to create your own games, puzzles or flash cards in 3 easy steps. Plus, you get a personal storage system where you can save and organize your favorites so it’s all easy to find.