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Energy Math!
Grades K–2

In this activity, students will analyze a series of statements and solve math problems to determine who is an energy saver and who is an energy waster.

To start the lesson, ask students:

  • What are some things we can do to save energy?
  • What are things people do that waste energy?

Distribute copies of the activity sheet. Read the directions with your class. Then read the questions to younger students. Older students may complete the page independently. When done, review the answers as a class.

Answers: 1. Lucy has 3 stars; 2. Mia has 1 star; 3. The difference is 2 stars;
4. Lucy uses less energy.

As a follow-up, ask students what advice they would give Mia to help her save energy. Have students write these tips on the back of the activity sheet or draw a picture on separate paper.