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Grades 3-7

1. Ask students: What kinds of activities that use energy do you do at home? (use lights, play computer and video games, cook, use the air conditioner, etc.) What activities do you think use the most energy? (Answers will vary.) What could you do to use less energy at home? (Answers will vary.)

2. Distribute copies of the worksheet. Review with students how to read a circle graph. Have students compare their answers about what uses the most energy to the data in the graph. Do they find anything surprising in the graph?

3. Review the "Ways to Save Energy" tips with students. Allow time for students to complete the worksheet.

4. Distribute the family pages. Read the "Be a Saver Not a Waster" worksheet with students and encourage them to share it with their families.

Answer Key:
1. a; 2. c; 3. c; 4. b
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