The 11th-Annual Great Bedtime Story
Pajama Drive
What is the Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive?

The pajama drive is a philanthropic classroom program offered through Scholastic Book Clubs that aims to teach kids the value of giving and the power of reading. The annual Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive is the largest pajama drive in Pajama Program’s history. Classrooms across America have collected and donated more than 850,000 pajamas since 2009. Scholastic Book Clubs has more than matched those numbers with a donation to Pajama Program that exceeds 1.25 million books during that same period.

What is Pajama Program?

Pajama Program, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, believes that every child, no matter the circumstances, has the inherent right to a loving good night, complete with the comforting bedtime ritual of changing into clean, warm pajamas and enjoying an enchanting story. Our mission is to support the completion of the 24-Hour Good Day Loop for all children, especially those who need us most. Pajama Program offers at-risk children the magical gifts of new pajamas and new books so that they can enjoy the greatest benefit of a loving bedtime and peaceful good night: a fulfilling good day. After all, good nights are good days.

Who are the pajamas and books helping?

The pajamas and books are helping at-risk children (ages 0–18) throughout the country. Often homeless, in foster care, or in poverty, their unstable, uncertain lives make them uniquely vulnerable as bedtime approaches. Each night, millions of children in this country have no bed to call their own—let alone pajamas to change into or books to escape into—and so they have no concept of a loving bedtime. The treasured ritual of changing into clean pajamas and being tucked in with an enchanting bedtime story are unknown; some of these children, in fact, have never heard of pajamas.

What is a Pajama Program Receiving Organization (RO)?

A Receiving Organization (or RO) is a licensed shelter, group home, foster care agency, or other community-based organization serving at-risk children. Pajama Program’s ROs have been vetted and approved and remain in contact with Pajama Program volunteers and staff. Pajama Program keeps a record of the need and donations made to its ROs, so the pajamas you collect are going where the need is greatest.

Do the pajamas have to be new?

Yes. For health and safety, federal guidelines require that pajamas must be new. Too many children have never had something of their very own, so we ask everyone to join us in providing these special gifts, which give the children a sense of value and validation as human beings.

What kinds of pajamas should I collect?

New pajamas only. Pajamas for all seasons, but especially warm, cozy ones to help the children on Pajama Program’s list during the long, cold months.

Pajamas should be a complete set—a top and bottom, or an appropriate nightgown.

What pajama sizes are needed most?

Although Pajama Program accepts new pajamas in all sizes, the most overlooked ones are generally children’s sizes 8 to adult 3XL. It is often the bigger, older children who are left out.

Will someone come to pick up my donation?

Pajama Program does not provide pickup services. Instead, Pajama Program selects specific local ROs in the community where collections have taken place, and asks those who have collected pajamas to coordinate with the local volunteer Pajama Program chapter president to deliver the gifts to the children.

Where do I send my pajama collection?
  1. When you finish your collection, you can find Pajama Program’s online donation form here.
  2. Fill out the requested information at the link above and hit Submit.
  3. Within ten days, you will receive an email response from the volunteer Pajama Program chapter president for your area, who will direct you to a locally approved Pajama Program RO.
Can I drop off my Pajama Program donation or ship it?

You are welcome to drop off or ship to the RO designated for your collection by your volunteer chapter president. Delivery information will be provided by either the RO or the volunteer chapter president.

Can I find out where my Pajama Program collection is needed before I start collecting or before I finish collecting?

No. Pajama Program will determine where your collection is needed based on what you’ve collected once you finish your drive. Every Pajama Program RO is unique, helping different numbers of children and different age groups. The location where your donation is needed can only be determined once your collection is complete.

I filled out the Pajama Program online donation form and I haven’t heard from anyone.

Please keep in mind that Pajama Program chapter presidents are volunteers, so they will send a reply as soon as they can. However, if you submitted your information and have not received communication from Pajama Program within ten days of your email, please contact: info@pajamaprogram.org

What if a Pajama Program contact is not in my town?

Pajama Program serves all 50 states (including Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico) with the help of its volunteer chapter presidents and staff. Volunteer chapter presidents may be in your state (in some instances, there are chapter presidents who cover all or a portion of a state); in which case, the chapter president will serve as your local contact. However, if a volunteer chapter president is not assigned to your area, Pajama Program staff will oversee the delivery of your collection to the children in your local area. Once you fill out the online donation form, your information will be directed to the appropriate Pajama Program contact. We have an RO near you that is waiting!

How do we make sure books will be donated to Pajama Program by Scholastic?

Once you submit the online donation form, your information will be shared with Scholastic. After the drive has concluded, Scholastic will donate books directly to Pajama Program in equal number to the pajamas donated nationwide. This donation will go directly to Pajama Program’s headquarters. Pajama Program will distribute the books to those organizations who received the benefit of your pajama donation.

How can my class be represented in the slide show on the scholastic.com/pajamadrive page?

Scholastic would be happy to include a photo of your class or the pajamas you collected—or both—in its slide show! Please email contests@scholastic.com for details.

How can I ensure that my class’s PJ collection is picked up/delivered prior to the holidays?

If it is mandatory that your collection is out of your classroom before the holidays, you must report your collection through the online donation form no later than November 29, 2019. When you report your donation, Pajama Program works to identify one of their Receiving Organizations as close to your area as possible. Then they connect you with that organization in order to arrange for delivery of the pajamas to the organization. If these connections don’t happen until after the official deadline of December 6, 2019, it can be difficult for the Receiving Organizations to ensure pick up before schools close for the holidays. Early reporting helps to ease this challenge.

Will you still accept pajamas after the deadline?

Scholastic is encouraging everyone to complete their drives and report their totals by December 6, 2019. You’ll need to complete your drive and submit your information using the online donation form by that date. While delivery of your donation does not need to happen by this date, please work with your local contact to get the donations to a Pajama Program Receiving Organization in a timely manner.

The holiday season is a busy time at Pajama Program, when so many children are in need and so many people are thinking about giving. Pajama Program always has a list of children waiting, so the sooner you can complete your drive, submit your totals, and arrange for delivery of your donation, the sooner Pajama Program can reach out to those children who need us most.

Any donations reported after December 6 2019, will still be accepted by Pajama Program because the need is great: Pajama Program provides good nights for good days year-round through the magical gifts of new pajamas and storybooks to at-risk children.