Sometimes you read a book so moving or funny that you just have to pass it on to another reader. That's why we've created Pass It On, an activity that encourages people to give a gently used book a new home. By having students pass on their favorite book to family, classmates, or a charity, Pass It On teaches kids about giving and sharing. It is the perfect holiday classroom activity and it's easy to do! Just choose a book, print out a Bookplate, write why you picked that book, paste the bookprint into the book, and then PASS IT ON!

Click here for more details about the classroom activity . Or if you'd like to take Pass It On a step further, your students can go to the url on the bottom of the bookplate and tell visitors to our new online community You Are What You Read where they received the book.

You Are What You Read also provides many other teachable moments. To learn more, check out the full teaching guides below or download the Quick Guide for teachers. And You Are What You Read isn't just for students! While kids have their own version of You Are What You Read, book lovers of all ages are encouraged to join the adult community, share their own Bookprint (the 5 books that most influenced your life) and see the Bookprints of over 130 Names You Know and thousands of other book lovers.