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  • Find a mix of books that have absolutely nothing to do with school — perfect for summer break.

  • Whether your family travels this summer or not, there are lots of great books that evoke summertime pleasures, from seaside stays to mountain retreats.

  • Whether at the beach, in the park or in their room, these exciting tales will place your tween on the road to adventure.

  • Whether your grade-schooler is going away or camping in the backyard, these tales will inspire them - they may even tell their own stories around the campfire.

  • Check out these tales from everyone's favorite doctor!

  • These great books are from larger series your kids will savor all summer long.

  • Keep your elementary schooler reading through hot summer days with these engaging picks.

  • Whether on the sandy shore or a comfy couch - these reads are sure to help independent readers fill their summer days with excitement.

  • Committed to inspiring a lifelong love of reading for your child? Try this collection of children's books perfect for grade school.

  • Warm days are the perfect time to curl up under a shady tree with your pre-reader and one of these sunny picture books!

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