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  • Is your child interested in the weather? These book picks will expand your child's knowledge of the weather while taking her to worlds of drizzles, showers, and storms.

  • From gripping stories of survival to tales of winters long ago, these chapter books will warm up your independent reader's season.

  • Francie Alexander can help parents calm children's fears with "Bibliotherapy"-- books that help kids learn about hurricanes and what precautionary steps adults take...

  • Your child will discover Groundhog Day legends with these books.

  • Delight in white weather and Arctic adventures just right for your little winter wonderer.

  • You and your child can celebrate cold weather days with easy-to-read books that showcase the season's coolest scenes.

  • Tweens will enjoy this series that follows Greg Heffley as he enters middle school with the goal of becoming popular.

  • These adventure-filled chapter books will delight your kids with serious science fun as they take chances, make mistakes, and get messy with the Magic School Bus gang.

  • Whether on the sandy shore or a comfy couch - these reads are sure to help independent readers fill their summer days with excitement.

  • Take an adventure in education with The Magic School Bus with these books that bring science to life.

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