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  • Use this printable to help your child practice her spelling.

  • Your child will appreciate this useful worksheet outlining common spelling rules.

  • Help your child practice spelling skills, memorization, and cognitive thinking on this patriotic day.

  • From "pumpkin" to "hayride," help your child find these fall-inspired words — perfect for the season.

  • Help your developing reader learn to identify important sight words with this word search.

  • Is your child up to the challenge of taking on Tippy and his radioactive Robo-Boxers? Prepare with a little mental exercise. How many words can your child make out of the letters in the title below?

  • George and Harold from Captain Underpants travel through time to encounter these words, but your child only has to search through this page! Can your child find all of the words in the puzzle?

  • Practice spelling, vocabulary, and grammar with your child while exploring the great outdoors.

  • Your little learner can practice vocabulary and spelling with this camping-inspired word search full of fun outdoor words.

  • If your kids loved reading about the silly adventures of Captain Underpants, they'll have a blast getting their reading superpowers with this fun puzzle.

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