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  • These long-time favorites, new hits, and kid-approved titles are great picks for readers and parents looking for suggestions.

  • Whether you want to encourage your beginning reader to dream, help him work things out, or teach him about the world, these engaging series are perfect for reading aloud or on his...

  • Explore the symbols, foods, and traditions of Chinese New Year with your 4- to 7-year-old child. Gung Hey Fat Choy (Happy New Year)!

  • Don't miss these great titles that inspire back-to-school spirit in your preschooler and kindergartener.

  • Delight in these charming, poignant, and downright funny books about friendship, learning, and classroom antics.

  • Nancy E. Krulik's series about Jenny McAfee and her life as a middle school student is perfect for your tween reader.

  • Whether your little one's entering preschool or kindergarten, these books can help ease worries and make the classroom a little more welcoming.

  • Whether your grade-schooler's a reluctant reader or a book addict, series packed with action, magic, history, and humor are sure to please.

  • Help your child make sense of adolescence with books that explore everything from evolving friendships to self-reliance.

  • These adventure-filled chapter books will delight your kids with serious science fun as they take chances, make mistakes, and get messy with the Magic School Bus gang.

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