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  • Is your family going through big changes as a result of a divorce or separation? Share these stories with your kids to help them understand family-related stress.

  • Is your tween struggling with your separation or divorce? We recommend these titles on understanding and coping with family-related stress.

  • Honor Anne Frank, a brave young girl who recounted her experience in the Holocaust, by sharing these titles with your older reader.

  • Get in the giving spirit with these Thanksgiving books for first and second graders.

  • Share this historical fiction series with your independent reader. These stories, written in diary format, will transport your child to some of the most important moments in his...

  • Discover a world of rhythm, rhyme, and free verse with engaging collections and novels for your middle readers.

  • Some sad, scary, or traumatic situations aren’t easy for kids to talk about. Use these books to help break the ice and get them to open up and discuss their fears.

  • Tween boys gain a better understanding of themselves and others with these inspiring tales.

  • These football-themed books explore the pressures and rewards of playing team sports. They will appeal to both fans and players.

  • Expose your child to ways he can express gratitude with these titles.

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