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  • Whether your grade-schooler is going away or camping in the backyard, these tales will inspire them - they may even tell their own stories around the campfire.

  • Whether your family travels this summer or not, there are lots of great books that evoke summertime pleasures, from seaside stays to mountain retreats.

  • These Percy Jackson series mix classic Greek mythology with modern adventure -- your tween is sure to be engaged.

  • We asked parents what titles their kids are reading these days. Here are some of the most popular children's books they mentioned.

  • Nancy E. Krulik's series about Jenny McAfee and her life as a middle school student is perfect for your tween reader.

  • Introduce your middle grade reader to Goosebumps, the beloved classic thriller series where kids triumph over evil.

  • Your middle grade readers will love these titles starring future hall-of-famers, how-to titles, and historical looks at sports legends.

  • Does your independent reader still love illustrations? Or is he constantly hooked on chapter books? No matter what his preference, try recommending these creative and engaging...

  • If your independent reader loves stories about quests, adventure, and packs of wild cats, this series is the purr-fect choice.

  • Join four young heroes and their spirit animals on a quest to save the world of Erdas.

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