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  • Download this colorful and out-of-this world poster featuring the fun Astroblast crew for your child.

  • Astroblast is the perfect place to meet new friends from across the galaxy. Print this on sticker paper and make fun stickers for your kids.

  • Kids can connect the dots to reveal the welcoming picture of the Frosty Star that sits atop the Astroblast Space Station.

  • A super smart and responsible pig, Sputnik is loyal and loves taking care of people! Share this coloring sheet with your child.

  • A genius handyman, Sal can fix and solve pretty much anything. His common sense, matter-of-fact attitude provides the voice of reason among the crew. Kids will love coloring him.

  • As the Captain of Astroblast, Comet always encourages others to do the right thing. Download this coloring sheet for your child.

  • Radar's the tech expert of the Astroblast crew. He can be a bit negative at times but always comes around thanks to the positivity of his friends. Share this coloring sheet with your child.

  • Jet is the strong, silent type but when a problem arises, his friends count on him to devise the most unexpected solution. Download this coloring sheet for your child.

  • Adventurous, curious, and open-minded, Halley makes friends as fast as she makes deliveries throughout the galaxy! Kids will love this fun coloring sheet.

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