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  • Is it April 1st? It's time for jokes. Start with these tricky titles.

  • These pop-up books will have your early readers leaping with joy.

  • Three siblings find a magical parallel world in this fantasy series for middle grade readers. Plus, check out the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles series.

  • Use these great books to teach your young reader how we celebrate presidents.

  • Whether you want to encourage your beginning reader to dream, help him work things out, or teach him about the world, these engaging series are perfect for reading aloud or on his...

  • Boo! These Halloween and horror tales are just right for beginning and independent readers who want a terrifying (but not too terrifying) tale.

  • Discover mysteries seen and unseen with fiction and nonfiction about the natural world, biology, chemistry, and more.

  • Read more wonderful works by author and illustrator Maurice Sendak, and celebrate the Sendak spirit.

  • Strengthen the bond between little ones and their grandparents with these charming titles.

  • With themes such as immigration, family, and food, these books capture vivid Latin traditions in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.

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